Muslim Pet Dog Owner Issue

KUALA LUMPUR - July 7th, I wanted to write and then saw Azmi's posting which reflected what I thought.

Not sure how this issue started but I think this is what happened. It started from a video see Left media then were the first to cover jakim and published this to provoke as usual where it could otherwise cover like the NST. Kini's headline: jakim tells pet owner to repent. NST:muslim should not deliberately touch or pet dogs, says Jakim.

Helping stray dogs is commendable. But the video is asking for more. Asking Muslims to keep it beyond guard dogs or other specific purposes. If she did in her own personal space, like Azmi, I would not have bothered but it's a promotion for Muslims to follow her behaviour.

I'm ambivalent initially whether such issue warrants Jakim to comment. But what ensued I think we should resolve this head on.

Certain liberal Muslims then seized the opportunity to use selective arguments to then promote dogs and rally mainly the non Muslims. Is this wrong?

My objection is this. It was used to misrepresent and belittle our long standing practice. To give again the impression that our practice are extreme unreasonable and stupid. To again divide us.

The non Muslims engaged there think all this are of whims and fancies and we're stupid to follow them. And the liberals want this impression to stick and thus not even rectify the misimpression.

This is why I'm objecting. This practice has been long standing since as far as I can remember. Muslims and non Muslims know this. But some are now saying Muslims are inhumane stupid ignorant extreme etc. This is why the liberals are divisive.

So when I engage, they argued about mistreatment of dogs and condemned Jakim. See they created their own issue which no one raised. Again this is out of deep prejudice or hatred. This was not the issue jakim raised and even commented. Worse we condemn such acts.

Some of them think we are dungus following jakim tak tentu hala. They think jakim has no ground and the half bake argument by the liberals is the utter truth in this matter. They think it's credible. See the effect of misrepresentation. So I posted the the rational given by jakim with a number of authorities. Ask them which one they objected. None can respond pun. But don't want to admit there's a rational behind it and not out of whims and fancies. Dishonesty to me. It's clear it's driven purely by prejudice or hatred. They know they were wrong and don't know how to argue but don't want to admit it.

What happen is the usual siege effect we see of late. The liberals are used by certain non Muslims to dictate how Muslims should interpret the religion. And we get that deep division again.

The position is simple. The Muslims' position here is well known. It's a valid well reasoned long standing practice. To the point there's a social norm and value here. This must be recognised. Muslims who disagree with it if they do it in their personal space most won't bother pun. It's not per se an actionable legal act. But when you want to promote it as a public value, I think it's fair our authorities and others counter it.

And for the non Muslims they must recognise the overwhelming majority are practicing the practice enunciated by Jakim. Don't jump the gun siding with the minority to dictate the position of religion that the overwhelming majority should adopt. This is so wrong. The left media is devious on this and always inviting and creating a siege mindset to provoke. It puts the picture that it's acceptable to interfere and dictate. Don't go there as the ramification is bigger. The country will move further to the right.

- Lukman Sheriff